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My Services

April 14th-21st 2019 - I will be teaching a selection of yoga and meditation classes at this wonderful retreat in the Ibizan sunshine!

Book here as use discount code MAUDEHIRST to get a 5% discount:

COMING SOON! I will be leading a yoga and meditation event on March 30th In Denmark at Yo Studio. Details of how to book coming soon!

Join my FREE 10 day YOGA challenge. Starting with a short sequence and increasing the time over the 10 days as you build up strength and stamina.

Join Maude for a monthly meditation subscription that will guide you on a journey to your inner truth. You will learn different tools to help you navigate your way into your own personal meditation practice - helping you to find an inner focus, clarity and calmness.

Subscribe here:

Maude is an advanced Theta healer and is available for online healing sessions. Theta healing is an energy healing modality that works through a theta brainwave, tapping into your subconscious and energetically creating powerful internal shifts in order to live a more positive and healthy lifestyle.

Please get in touch via the contact page to book a session!

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